3 Chargers on the roster that may not make it to the 2023 season in LA

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The LA Chargers currently have 61 players on the active roster and that number is only going to grow after the 2023 NFL Draft and the undrafted free agents that the team brings in to compete for a roster spot after that.

It goes without saying that there is a lot of fat on the roster that is going to be trimmed before the 2023 season begins. There is a long list of players who are technically rostered right now that won't be on the active roster in Week 1.

Among that list of players is players who are actually notable as they have been rostered on the team before. Let's dive into those players.

3 Chargers on the roster that may not make it to the 2023 season:

3. Larry Rountree III

Larry Rountree is toeing the line between making this list and not making this list. He was on the practice squad for a big portion of last season and in that regard he is not much different from the other lesser players who are currently on the roster that are not notable.

However, what makes Rountree different and worthy of being on this list is the fact that he was just drafted by the team two years ago and has gotten plenty of chances to earn his spot on the roster. Rountree was given chances in his rookie season to not only have an impact on offense but on special teams as well.

Isaiah Spiller was not NFL-ready last season but he is undoubtedly going to be on the depth chart ahead of Rountree. With Rountree not being much more than a replacement-level player, the Chargers can comfortably not include him on the active roster and probably plan to do so unless he comes into camp a changed player.