3 most important players on the LA Chargers who are not starters

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Collin Duncan, Isaiah Spiller
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2. Isaish Spiller

The Chargers selected Isaiah Spiller in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft and those that follow my work here at Bolt Beat know that I was not a huge fan of the selection. I personally wanted the team to wait another round to draft a running back and instead draft Ty Chandler, who I was very high on.

However, despite Spiller not seeming like the best logistical fit as a depth running back, the Chargers did view him as the best back on the board and good enough to take in the fourth round. The Bolts were really desperate for an RB2 with a lack of running back depth so you cannot blame the team for taking him if they were so high on him.

Spiller is hugely important to this team because without his success the running back situation is going to be bleak for the Chargers. As great as Austin Ekeler was for the team last season the Chargers need to keep his workload down throughout the year to keep him fresh for the playoffs.

Ekeler cannot go out there and touch the ball more than he did last season. The Chargers did a good job of managing him last season and anything more than what he did would be too much. They need Spiller to be a reliable option not just to give Ekeler a break but keep the offense humming.

Larry Rountree and Joshua Kelley have not shown anything for us to buy them being productive running backs in the NFL. Spiller needs to break that mold of drafted Chargers running backs because if not, it is going to get really ugly.