3 Chargers who may have cemented a roster spot in win vs 49ers

The final preseason game of the year was great for these players.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers
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Keelan Doss may have cemented his place on the Chargers roster

This is an interesting one as the receiver that was getting the most buzz during training camp was John Hightower. Hightower came out of the gates really strong at the start of the camp and looked like a guarantee to make the roster with Jalen Guyton on the PUP list.

Hightower then suffered an injury, missed the first preseason game of the year, and has not fully been the same since. While there is undoubtedly something there that the Chargers will want to keep on the practice squad, his stock is much lower now than it was three weeks ago.

Taking his place is Keelan Doss, who has not been getting as much hype from Chargers fans but has been doing all the small things to earn a roster spot. On Friday particularly, Doss looked great on special teams, which is ultimately the difference-maker between him and Hightower.

Brandon Staley has always valued a player who brings special teams value and Doss' value in that area is far greater than Hightower. Not only can he be a gunner and make plays but Doss has even got reps as a returner on both punts and kickoffs.

That is the key difference that separates Doss. Everything the Chargers have done in the past points to Doss making the roster, especially after Friday.