4 notable Chargers who are entering contract years in 2022

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Nasir Adderley
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2. Nasir Adderley

Sticking at the safety position, Nasir Adderley is also a free agent after this season and his value looks like it is going to be much higher than we ever could have guessed 12 months ago. Adderley had two really disappointing seasons to start his NFL career but really came around and started showcasing that potential in 2021 in Brandon Staley's defense.

If Adderley continues to get better, which we have no reason to think he won't, then he could end up getting a contract similar to Rayshawn Jenkins after his breakout 2020 season. Adderley's ceiling is arguably higher than Jenkins' already and there will be a team that is desperate for safety help and pays him.

This is an issue for the Bolts. Los Angeles does not have the most cap flexibility in the world next offseason and with a massive contract soon coming to Justin Herbert, the Chargers are going to have to make sacrifices in certain areas and let people get paid elsewhere.

Adderley is a prime candidate to get an offer that the Chargers simply cannot match and sign with another team. While he also helps the defense this year, JT Woods was likely drafted with this in the back of the front office's mind.

And if Adderley has a bad season then the Chargers likely won't bring him back anyway as three of his four years would be bad years. Either way, it feels inevitable that this is Nasir Adderley's last season with the Chargers so fans of his should embrace it.