3 Chargers already on the chopping block after first preseason game

These players have a massive uphill battle to make the Chargers roster in 2023
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Foster Sarell

The situation at the tackle position is a very interesting one for the LA Chargers. There is no doubt that the team is in a great position with the starting offensive line, especially at tackle. Rashawn Slater is one of the very best in the sport while Trey Pipkins is definitely above average when he is healthy.

The problem at tackle is the depth behind the two starters. Granted, any swing tackle is not going to be as good as the starters (or else they would be starting) but the drop-off for the Chargers is substantial. Foster Sarell is the team's primary swing tackle and it has not been pretty for him.

It started with the team's inter-squad scrimmage the week before in which the backup offensive line was thrashed by the Chargers' pass rush. It was not a good look and ultimately led the Chargers to sign Matt Kaskey simply to get another body in the building to help.

Some of those struggles extended to the regular season. Sarell looked like the same tackle that struggled immensely last season for the Bolts and if he continues to play this way then it is going to be hard for the team to trust him in any capacity.

Granted, there are not very many other great options for the Chargers to deploy ahead of Sarell, which will help his cause in making the roster. But if he turns in another performance like he did on Saturday then the Chargers may have no other option than to get more external help.