2 Chargers whose roster chances grew (and 2 whose shrank) after Saints loss

Cutting down the roster to 53 players is going to be hard for the Chargers this year.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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Chance of making Chargers roster shrank: Elijah Dotson

This is not going to be a popular one as Elijah Dotson was the talk of the town after the first preseason game of the year. The Chargers smacked the Rams around and put together an excellent rushing attack in the second half.

Dotson led the way for that rushing attack, finishing with two touchdowns and looking really great in the process. It did not take long for fans to theorize how the Chargers could construct the roster in order to fit a fourth running back in the fold.

While Dotson looked great, he had to do more than just have one good preseason game to make the roster and he was unable to follow up his efforts against the Saints. He did not get as many rushing opportunities and while he still turned in a highlight, he also dropped two passes in key spots in the fourth quarter.

With Isaiah Spiller really coming into his own it is worth questioning if the Chargers need to even consider having a fourth running back. At this point in time, that answer is probably no, leaving Dotson off the 53-man roster.

It is unlikely that another team signs Dotson so the Chargers should be able to bring him back on the practice squad. Barring any injuries or any absolutely incredible showing against the 49ers, he likely won't make the roster.