3 Chargers roster battles that have already been decided before preseason Week 3

These were prominent roster battles when training camp started and it didn't take all of the preseason for the outcome to be decided.
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The Chargers have two preseason games under their belt with one more to play before the regular season. This last preseason game could be very telling for the Bolts as it could decide several roster battles as well as who makes the backend of the 53-man roster.

While there are several roster battles that appear to be up in the air, there are also some that have already been decided. It isn't going to take a third preseason game for the Chargers to have their answer as these answers have already been locked-in.

3 Chargers roster battles that have already been decided before preseason Week 3:

1. Cameron Dicker over Dustin Hopkins, kicker

This was one of the most interesting roster battles heading into camp as both players had a legitimate case to make for the starting kicking job. Dustin Hopkins was the veteran with more experience and a bigger track record of making kicks. Dicker was the guy who took over for Hopkins when he got hurt last season and kicked the ball really well.

Dicker seemed to have a slight edge in the competition considering the Chargers would save more cap space by cutting Hopkins. But at the end of the day, whoever came out and was the better man was going to win this job.

That has been Dicker by a long shot with Hopkins dealing with various nagging injuries and not kicking as well when he does get the chances. The Bolts have essentially confirmed that Dicker is going to win the job as he is doing most (if not all) of the kicking in practice ahead of the third preseason game.

Even if Hopkins is the kicker against the 49ers and does well, it will likely be too little too late.