3 most shocking decisions Chargers made with the 53-man roster

Who saw these moves coming?
Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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Brenden Jaimes making the Chargers roster over Zack Bailey

Zack Bailey was one of the early cuts that was first reported on Tuesday morning. Bailey definitely had an uphill battle to make the 53-man roster for the Chargers but it appeared as if he did enough in the final preseason game of the year.

Bailey put together some really good film against the San Francisco 49ers and with the question marks at the tackle position (depth-wise), it seemingly made sense to keep him around. The team opted against this and kept Brenden Jaimes, who many thought would be waived.

Jaimes has struggled at times and while he showed improvement in the preseason and camp, he is kind of a one-trick pony at the center position. The Chargers already have their backup center in Will Clapp, so it seemingly made no sense to keep someone who could only play center and is third on the depth chart.

It is clear that the Chargers think Jaimes can play multiple guard positions if he needs to or else they would not have released a swing player like Bailey. Meanwhile, at the tackle position, it seems like the Chargers might be leaving the door open to Jamaree Salyer going back there if an injury were to happen to Trey Pipkins or Rashawn Slater.

The likely plan seems to be to kick Salyer out to tackle with Jordan McFadden being the first in line to fill in at guard. If McFadden is already playing and the Chargers need another guard then they will either keep Salyer at guard and play Foster Sarell or will bring Jaimes into the fold.