3 Chargers who will make the 53-man roster but don't deserve it

Not every player that makes a 53-man roster has earned it.
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2. Tre' McKitty

Tre' McKitty's career has been a very interesting one thus far. When the Chargers drafted the former Georgia tight end in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft it was viewed as a reach. That being said, it did not take long for fans to sell themselves on the best-case version of McKitty.

At the very least, McKitty was a good blocking tight end who could potentially blossom as a pass-catcher. In his first season that is exactly what he was. In the limited chances McKitty got he showcased a solid foundation as a blocker and looked very raw as a pass-catcher.

Then McKitty entered his second season and everything changed. McKitty did not take advantage of having to play a bigger role because of Donald Parham's injury. If anything, McKitty lowered his stock and made Chargers fans question if he was worth a roster spot.

McKitty was one of the worst tight ends in the sport in 2022 and that has carried over in 2023. The third-year tight end has not played well in camp or in the preseason at all and has left many Chargers fans worried about the position as a whole heading into the season.

While his play definitely has not earned him a roster spot, the fact of the matter is that the Chargers are not going to give up on a third-round selection before the start of his third season. The Bolts will hold onto McKitty and hope he continues to blossom in his third season. Maybe there is a chance for them to move on later in the year but it won't happen before the year even starts.