3 Chargers who will make the 53-man roster but don't deserve it

Not every player that makes a 53-man roster has earned it.
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Constructing a 53-man roster is a very difficult task for an NFL team. It is particularly difficult for the LA Chargers this season as there are a lot of talented players who have stood out thus far that ultimately will have to be left out.

Building a 53-man roster is more complex than just picking the 53 best guys on the team, though. The coaching staff and front office have to consider positional depth, costs, and a myriad of other reasons. There are also times in which a player may simply make the roster because of how the team acquired them, not because of how they are playing.

As a result, there are naturally going to be players that make the 53-man roster that will have fans scratching their heads.

3 Chargers who will make the 53-man roster but do not deserve it:

1. Max Duggan

The Chargers carried three quarterbacks on the active roster last season and with the NFL's new rule that a third quarterback doesn't count towards the active roster on gamedays, they will likely carry a third again in 2023.

That will result in 2023 seventh-round pick Max Duggan making the roster. Duggan hasn't really done anything of note during training camp as he does not look polished enough or ready to be an NFL quarterback.

You could replace Duggan with any third-string quarterback and it won't make much of a difference. However, because he is already in the building and was drafted, he is going to be the guy that the Chargers keep.

While Duggan won't count toward the active number on gamedays, he still counts toward the 53-man roster. As a result of carrying a third quarterback the Chargers will naturally have to cut ties with a promising player and hope they aren't signed by another team.