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3 roster decisions the Chargers must change from last season

Los Angeles Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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The LA Chargers have a lot of talent on the roster as the team heads into training camp before the 2022 season. There are going to be quite a few position battles worth noting and overall, the cream should rise to the top for the Chargers.

While the talent on the field is the most important, how that talent is constructed is also very important. Brandon Staley and the Chargers made some interesting decisions when it came to roster construction last season and with more depth now on the roster, the Bolts should probably be tweaking how they approach things.

Here are 3 roster decisions the LA Chargers must change from last season:

1. Stop carrying three quarterbacks

It is so pointless to carry three quarterbacks on the active roster in 2022. It was pointless for the team to do it last season and hopefully, they learn that and change things in 2022. I know that there are some fans who like Easton Stick as the backup option in case anything happens to Justin Herbert. But if Herbert gets hurt then it does not matter anyway.

The Bolts really just need the two quarterbacks on the active roster and if anything drastic happens the team can elevate someone from the practice squad. Who cares if Stick is claimed by another team if he is put on the practice squad? It is not like he is any better than any other practice squad option.

This is a no-brainer for the Chargers and will allow the team to add more depth to another position, which leads us to our second point...