What to expect out of each LA Chargers rookie in 2022

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Otito Ogbonnia
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Otito Ogbonnia: Rotational run-stuffer who plays 25% of snaps

The LA Chargers completely rebuilt the defensive line from the ground up and focused on adding players on the interior that could stop the run and keep teams from getting high-efficiency third-down attempts against the defense. A small part of that rebuilding phase was drafting UCLA's Otito Ogbonnia in the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Ogbonnia may eventually blossom into someone who could make an impact on passing downs as well and he did show some flashes at UCLA of being able to do so. UCLA misused Ogbonnia so horribly at times and Staley is not going to make that same mistake.

That being said, in year one Ogbonnia is going to saddle up as a rotational player for the Chargers to throw out there on occasionally early downs as well as short-yardage/goal-line situations. Playing a quarter of the defensive snaps in 2022 is probably his ceiling.

Jamaree Salyer: A spot start here or there

Jamaree Salyer was a steal by the LA Chargers in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft as he had some of the best pass-blocking numbers in all of college football last season. However, there is still a reason why he fell this far in the draft and it is because of his poor run blocking in college, which won't translate well as a guard.

That is something Salyer has to work on and something he should undoubtedly improve on with time at the NFL level. However, as exciting as his pass-blocking is, I do not think is he ready to start for the Bolts in 2022. The best version of the Chargers next season is one that has Salyer as a great depth option, not someone who is starting either at left guard or right tackle.

Eventually he will get his chance to shine. Let's not rush it and hinder his development.