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2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Isaiah Spiller
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Isaiah Spiller: True RB2 workload of 100 carries, 25 receptions

Those that follow my work here at Bolt Beat know that I was not the biggest fan of the Isaiah Spiller selection in the 2022 NFL Draft. While I understand why the team did it (they were desperate for an RB2 and Spiller was the best on the board), I still think I would have taken a different approach (I am president of the Ty Chandler fan club).

Obviously, I am rooting for Spiller to succeed with the Chargers and make me eat crow. Rooting against the team I cover professionally (and have liked since I was a kid) just to be right about a take makes no sense. That being said, I am not going to change my take simply because he is now a Charger. It would be a disservice to you, the reader.

While Spiller does add a receiving dynamic that neither Joshua Kelley nor Larry Rountree has, he is too similar to those two in being bigger, less-explosive running backs. Again, I think he will be better than Kelley and Rountree but that is not a very high bar to climb and in my opinion, the Chargers should have targeted a different style of back, like Chandler.

Either way, Spiller is going to get the RB2 reps and he is going to see the field quite a lot. As long as he stays healthy (and isn't playing horrendously) then he should get around 100 carries and catch 25 passes. Brandon Staley really stresses keeping guys healthy late in the season and after such a big year in terms of workload, Austin Ekeler will likely get even more help.

If my concerns about Spiller come to fruition then his production at these high clips will be disappointing. Hopefully, my concerns do not come to fruition and Spiller can pick up around 700 yards from scrimmage.