What to expect out of each LA Chargers rookie in 2022

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 / David Becker/GettyImages
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Every hot summer day that passes is one day closer to the NFL season beginning and the LA Chargers being back in action. There is a lot of excitement around the Chargers that is building off of last season after the front office showed aggression in the offseason.

This is the most talented team that the Chargers have fielded since the mid-2000s as it is fair to say that they are Super Bowl contenders, at least on paper. If the Chargers are going to live up to the hype on paper then they are going to need everyone to produce at a certain level, including the 2022 draft class.

While rookies rarely come into the league and are massively impactful in year one, especially if they are not first-round picks, this draft class can actually still contribute a decent amount to the team's success in 2022.

What to expect out of each LA Chargers rookie in 2022:

Zion Johnson: Undeniably solid play at right guard

Zion Johnson is a lock to be successful as an NFL pro. I would not say that he is a lock to become a Pro Bowler at any point in his career, although his chances are still really high. When it comes to being a successful, above-average offensive lineman, Johnson is a lock.

It would be a massive surprise if Johnson came into the NFL and took a step back as he was the most pro-ready guard in the draft with the highest floor bar none. Johnson was the best guard in the draft class (sorry, Kenyon Green) and you cannot blame the Chargers for taking the best player available at a position of need.

He might not come into the league and be one of the best in the entire league at his position like Rashawn Slater. What Johnson will be is miles better than Michael Schofield as a foundational piece of an offensive line that is built to protect Justin Herbert for years to come.