4 bold predictions for the Chargers' 2022 draft class

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Isaiah Spiller, Zach Calzada
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4. Isaiah Spiller isn't a reliable RB2 in year one

We will finish the article with the lone "negative" prediction on this list as it pertains to running back Isaiah Spiller. The Chargers selected Spiller in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft and a lot of fans were hyped for the selection as he was one of the better running back prospects on the board.

Those that read my work here at Bolt Beat know that I was not a huge fan of the selection, both because of the type of running back that Spiller is as well as how early the Chargers took him. While deeper dives into film are promising, I am not going to change my opinion on the selection to conform to the consensus.

There absolutely are positive signs about Spiller and I do think that his value as a pass-catcher is a real thing that will get him snaps in his rookie season. But when it comes to him being a reliable ball-carrier as the RB2, which the Chargers are drafting him to be, I do not feel as confident.

I think the Bolts are going to be scrambling for running back help around the midseason mark with Spiller taking some lumps as a rookie. Explosiveness is absolutely a tool that can help predict a running back's leap to the NFL and unfortunately, Spiller is not that explosive.

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Will I eat crow on this projection? I hope I do. Spiller can still blossom into the back that the Chargers want him to be, I just do not see it in year one.