Chargers: Ranking Justin Herbert and all 32 starting quarterbacks from 2021

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Trevor Lawrence
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28. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

  • Average ranking: 28.75
  • Highest ranking: 28
  • Preseason ranking: N/A

Andy Dalton was on this list before the season started but he is no longer in Chicago as Justin Fields played most of the season and will start for the team moving forward. Fields was probably in the second-worst position for a rookie quarterback in 2021 and while his season was very disappointing, he has shown some serious signs of potential and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

27. Davis Mills, Houston Texans

  • Average ranking: 27
  • Highest ranking: 26
  • Preseason ranking: N/A

Davis Mills started for an injured Tyrod Taylor early in the season and it appeared to be a disaster. However, the 2021 third-round pick actually played some really good football at the end of the season when he won his job back from Taylor. In his last five starts, Davis completed 68% of his passes with nine touchdowns, two interceptions and 251.6 yards per game. Oh, and he beat the Chargers.

26. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

  • Average ranking: 24.75
  • Highest ranking: 22
  • Preseason ranking: 24

The Detroit Lions may have only won three games but man, were they cover kings. The Lions went 11-6 against the spread this season and towards the end of the year, Jared Goff actually wasn't playing that bad of football. Goff has a higher ceiling than this if he is surrounded by talent but he definitely is not someone who is going to carry his team.

25. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

  • Average ranking: 24.5
  • Highest ranking: 23
  • Preseason ranking: 13

Baker Mayfield really hurt his stock in 2021. There were always questions around Mayfield and he appeared to answer them in the second half of the 2020 season. Baker was really good in that second half of the season to lead the Browns to the playoffs. However, this season, Baker played with an injury and was not good at all. It will be interesting to see how Cleveland handles his future.

24. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Average ranking: 24.25
  • Highest ranking: 23
  • Preseason ranking: 17

Trevor Lawrence was touted as the surest thing to come in the draft since Andrew Luck and after seeing how good Justin Herbert was in his rookie year, we may have expected too much from Lawrence. He was undoubtedly in the worst situation of any quarterback this season and played like it. He looked good in Week 18, though, and deserves the benefit of the doubt. He may climb up this list substantially.