Chargers projected to make most obvious cap-cutting move possible

Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach
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The LA Chargers enter the 2024 offseason well over the NFL's salary cap. Even if the salary cap ends up being higher than initial projections the Chargers are going to have to free up a lot of cap space to not just become compliant, but to be able to afford a draft class.

As daunting as it might look on paper, the Chargers have the means to accomplish this goal. This is not a dire situation where the Bolts have no outs to save money. There are plenty of outs, it just means saying goodbye to players who fans love to watch.

Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus recently put together a list of one cut candidate for all 32 teams in the NFL and the choice for the Chargers seemed to stir the pot with some Chargers fans. While it might seem shocking on paper, it really has been quite obvious for some time.

Mike Williams is the most obvious cap casualty on the Chargers books

Mike Williams was the projected cap casualty for the Chargers and this is a no-brainer. While nothing is official until it is reported by a trusted insider, you can take this projection to the bank; the Chargers are going to cut Williams this offseason.

Williams is coming off a torn ACL and has been injury-prone for several seasons now. The receiver has a $32.46 million cap hit for the 2024 season, making him one of the highest-paid wideouts in the league. There is no reasonable chance the Chargers are paying that, especially when the team can free up $20.4 million by cutting him before June 1.

In a perfect world, the Chargers would be able to trade Williams but finding a partner for him would be nearly impossible. Any trade partner would have to take on his $17 million base salary and that is an inflated number for a 30-year-old receiver who is coming off a torn ACL.

Any team needing a receiver is better off signing someone in free agency or taking a receiver in the NFL Draft. There is no reason for a team with a lack of weapons to trade a fourth-round pick for Williams, as unfortunate as that is for the Chargers.

Thus, Williams getting cut is just a matter of time. Fans do not have to speculate about whether or not it is going to happen, they need to speculate when it is going to happen. Then the conversation will shift to which teams might look to bring him in.

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