3 Chargers who are locks to make the Pro Bowl (and 2 who aren't)

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Not a lock: Corey Linsley

Corey Linsley is incredibly important to the LA Chargers in the same way that Derwin James is. When Linsley does not play it has a ripple effect on the rest of the offensive line and we have seen it firsthand with how it has impacted Justin Herbert and the offense.

It is so much more than just his blocking and what he provides in the middle. It is the leadership factor that Linsley possesses as the one who helps identify what the defense is doing and make changes to the protection. There is not another lineman on the Chargers that can do what Linsley does in this regard and it shows.

Linsley is certainly holding up well when he is playing. He is still one of the most talented centers in the league and if he were to hit the open market he would command a big contract just like he did two offseasons ago from the Bolts.

So why isn't he a lock to be a Pro Bowler? Well, it is rather simple, he has not played enough. Linsley has missed too much time to be considered for the Pro Bowl. There are other very talented centers in the league and when it comes down to it at this position, availability often wins out.

Linsley has missed three games (that could go up if he does not clear concussion protocol) and has played less than half the snaps in two other games. Missing almost a quarter of the season (or more) is a big knock on his Pro Bowl case as a center. That is just the way it works.