2 Chargers who were snubbed from the Pro Bowl (and 2 who weren't)

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2. Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler was named a Pro Bowl alternate and with how things typically go with the Pro Bowl, there is a very good chance that he gets the first Pro Bowl honor of his career when it is all said and done. There will be players either in the Super Bowl or that simply do not want to go that will open the door for Ekeler to get the nod.

That being said, it is pretty silly that Ekeler even needs this to make the Pro Bowl this season. He might be having a fantastic season running the ball but his impact on this offense alone is undeniable. Heck, he at least deserves the honor just for the respect since he leads the league in touchdowns over the last two years and has never made the game before.

The running backs who made it over Ekeler in the AFC certainly are talented but you can definitely make the case for Ekeler to at least take one of their places. Nick Chubb, Josh Jacobs and Derrick Henry have all been good but I would not say they have been heads and shoulders above Ekeler. Jacobs is the only one that undoubtedly should get the nod.

Both Henry and Chubb have more yards from scrimmage than Ekeler but Ekeler has more total touchdowns as he yet again leads the league. He also has not benefitted from the sheer number of carries that Henry and Chubb get. Henry leads the league with 296 carries while Chubb is not far behind at 252. Ekeler has 165.

At least Ekeler got enough recognition to be the first alternate but in reality, he should 100% be one of the three running backs for the AFC.