3 key positions to watch closely during Chargers preseason game vs Rams

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers preseason officially gets underway on Saturday against the LA Rams. Some fans got to see the Bolts have an inter-squad scrimmage last weekend and now every Chargers fan can watch the game on TV to see where the team stands.

Granted, Brandon Staley and the coaching staff are very cautious with who plays in the preseason. None of the big-name starters played a single snap this year and that is going to be the case yet again this year. Staley himself already said that if the team does not need to evaluate a player then they won't play.

That being said, there are several positions and players that do need to be evaluated and it starts with this game against the Rams.

Here are three key positions to watch closely during the Chargers' first preseason game:

1. Running back

The LA Chargers obviously have their RB1 locked in stone with Austin Ekeler and nothing is going to change that. Ekeler is definitely going to be on the list of players that do not play a single snap in the preseason.

The RB2 is pretty much locked in stone as well with Isaiah Spiller being the man for the job. That being said, it would not be surprising if Spiller does get one or two series in against the Rams, which makes it very compelling for Chargers fans that want to see what he is made of.

In terms of fighting for a roster spot, the most interesting battle will be between Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree. There has been a lot of hype around Kelley during training camp this year and fans should not only be watching to see if that is true, but watching to see how he compares to Rountree.

Whether it be the excitement of potentially getting to see Spiller in action or the roster battle lower on the depth chart, there are some storylines to pay close attention to in this game at running back.