3 quiet Chargers from the preseason that will make a lot of noise in 2022

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. Justin Herbert

This sounds absurd, I know. But let me explain.

Chargers fans are obviously talking about Justin Herbert and what he can do in the 2022 season. However, when you look at the mainstream NFL media, Herbert has not received much buzz during training camp or the preseason on top of what we already know.

Sure, people have picked Herbert to win MVP and have a great year, but he has not had the same buzz around him during camp. Last year Twitter was littered with Justin Herbert bombs in practice. This year, the focus has been elsewhere.

Herbert also did not play in any of the preseason games, so there is no film there for mainstream NFL fans to overreact to. Whereas Patrick Mahomes went out and did great against a bunch of second-stringers. Congrats. Herbert didn't need that.

Every Chargers fan expects big things for Herbert this season but I genuinely don't think the casual NFL fan realizes what is in store this season. Herbert is going to be extremely special in the second season of Joe Lombardi's offense with a better O-line, better weapons and a better defense.

Justin Herbert is going to win the MVP award and that is not even a homer pick. All the stars are aligned for him. He has the narrative as a fresh face on a team that is going to take a massive leap this season. Heck, he was already putting together MVP numbers last season, he just didn't get the media narrative.

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Let the media fawn over Joe Burrow all they want. When January rolls around, it will be clear that Herbert stands higher in the NFL hierarchy than Burrow.