3 quiet Chargers from the preseason that will make a lot of noise in 2022

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Chargers training camp was a very exciting time as fans got their first look at the rebuilt Chargers. This is a roster that is talented enough to make it to the Super Bowl and as a result, there were a lot of standouts during camp.

However, there were also some players that did not receive much buzz, whether it be good or bad. These players kind of just flew under the radar while fans and reporters alike discussed other players on the team that were moving up and down the depth chart.

Some of these players will continue to be quiet during the regular season. But some of the players will instead make a lot of noise during the 2022 season.

Here are 3 Chargers who were quiet in the preseason that will make a lot of noise during the 2022 season:

1. Gerald Everett

Gerald Everett is undoubtedly getting the least amount of buzz of any new addition to the Chargers this season. Everett is replacing Jared Cook at tight end and he really has not received that much praise or attention during camp or the preseason.

Cook played a prominent role in this offensive scheme last season and there were simply some things that he could not do. Cook obviously was not the same tight end that he was four years prior because of his age and that is clear by the fact that 2021 was likely his last season in the NFL.

Everett is just so much more explosive of a tight end who also shouldn't struggle with the same drop issues that Cook did. Not only will he convert more receptions, but Everett may simply get open more because of his athletic advantage.

There are so many weapons to focus on in the Chargers offense that Everett will likely slip through the cracks and have a really promising season.