Predicting Week 14 outcomes for the LA Chargers and the rest of the AFC West

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The Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Las Vegas Raiders, 38-21

Chargers fans should be rooting for the Las Vegas Raiders to win this game as it increases the Chargers' chances of winning the AFC West. Yes, if the Chargers win out then they will win the division anyway and you can make the argument that all the Bolts have to do is take care of their business. That being said, the Kansas City Chiefs losing this week and next week to the Chargers gives the Bolts a game cushion in the final three weeks. As we know in the NFL, anything can happen and having that cushion is massive.

That being said, the odds of the Raiders winning this game appear to be slim. The Chiefs are on a roll while the Raiders are doing what they do every single season and are collapsing down the stretch. Sure, they beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, but it took overtime and plenty of help from the referees.

The Raiders are also the only team this season to make the Chiefs offense look like it did last season. Leave it to Gus Bradley to stick to his scheme even though the entire league has shown him how to beat the Chiefs defensively. I do not expect Bradley to suddenly change his ways for this matchup.

Without Kenyan Drake and possibly Darren Waller the Raiders simply do not have enough firepower to get past the Chiefs, especially with how Kansas City has been playing defense recently. I hate to predict another blowout after the way these two teams played last time but it is hard to see anything other than a blowout.

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The Raiders will get some garbage time scores to make it look closer and feel better about themselves but at the end of the day this game will be Chiefs all the way.