Chargers: Predicting AFC West standings, final records in 2023

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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1. Kansas City Chiefs, 13-4

The Kansas City Chiefs got worse last season and they went on to comfortably win the AFC West, finish with the top seed in the AFC and win the Super Bowl. It really looked like the Chargers could usurp the Chiefs in the standings and it ended up not even being a conversation during the season.

That should have reminded every Chargers fan not to overlook the Chiefs and predict that their downfall is coming. Unless the team suffers a serious injury, which is impossible to predict, then they are going to be winning 12+ games and will be competing for the top spot in the AFC.

The Chiefs' schedule is a bit easier this season than it was last year and as a result, we tab the team to finish with a 13-4 record. This is two games better than the Chargers, meaning that the Bolts won't even be playing for the AFC West title in Week 18.

There are some tough opponents on Kansas City's schedule. They have to play the likes of the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles. Kansas City will likely split those games at worse, giving them two more losses to sprinkle in to leave room for a surprise loss (which always happens).

As great as it would be to see the Chargers win the AFC West and finally slay the dragon, it seems much more likely that the team's long AFC West title drought is going to continue.

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