Most likely positions to fill last Chargers practice squad spot

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The LA Chargers roster is officially down to 53 players and after waiving/releasing 27 players this week, the Bolts initially brought 14 back on the practice squad. That list grew on Thursday, as Larry Rountree passed waivers and signed to the team's practice squad after the Bolts signed Sony Michel to replace him on the active roster.

That brings the practice squad up to 15 players with some notable names that could fill in throughout the season. There is still one more practice squad spot for the Chargers to utilize and it would be silly to simply leave the spot unfilled.

It is a bit surprising that the Chargers didn't sign preseason standout Jamal Davis to the final spot on the practice squad. Perhaps Davis wasn't signed because he has an opportunity with another team but as it stands right now, Davis remains a free agent.

The Chargers very well might go with the best player available approach and take their time to fill that final practice squad spot. Or, the team might be targeting a certain position and is waiting for the right player to become available. As it stands right now, there are positions that are favored more than the rest.

The most likely positions to fill the last Chargers practice squad spot:

1. Guard

The LA Chargers didn't sign a single guard to the practice squad. While the offensive line has really good depth on the interior, having another option to bring in the building and get familiar with would be good if the Bolts have to overcome a lot of adversity at some point this year.

Let's not forget the Senio Kelemete game from last season against the Denver Broncos. The last thing the Chargers need is someone like that playing in a key game down the stretch.

There are two offensive linemen on the practice squad but they are both tackles. LA brought back Foster Sarell and Zach Bailey.


Perhaps Jamal Davis is going to return to the practice squad and he is merely weighing his options first. It would make sense for the Chargers to add another EDGE to the practice squad, especially when they have a potential candidate like Davis.

There are only three EDGE players on the roster and while the top two are as good as it comes, that is not a lot of depth to have on the depth chart. The team did sign Carlo Kemp to the practice squad for EDGE depth and while Kemp also looked good during camp, Davis arguably looked better and would be another solid option for the team.

3. Running back

I do not think it is completely out of the question for the Chargers to sign another running back on top of Rountree to the practice squad. As it stands right now, Rountree is the only back on the practice squad and he is not that dynamic of an option.

Michel is a big improvement but you cannot blame the Chargers for potentially being weary about the running back depth. Joshua Kelley has to prove he is a new player in the regular season, Isaiah Spiller has to prove that the jump to the NFL isn't too much for him and Michel has to prove he is not regressing.

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That is not to say that the worst-case scenario will happen with each of these backs, but it is beneficial to have another option other than just Larry Rountree on the practice squad to potentially turn to.