4 Chargers practice squad players with the best chance of earning a roster spot

These Chargers won't last on the practice squad for very long.

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4. Jerrod Clark

The Chargers signed Jerrod Clark as an undrafted free agent after the 2023 NFL Draft and he was the runaway favorite to make the roster among his UDFA peers. The Chargers ultimately included some UDFAs on the roster but Clark was not one of them.

Clark certainly has a lot of raw talent and potential that is still waiting to be tapped into. It was a tad bit surprising that another team did not scoop Clark up when the Chargers waived him but it is likely because of his play in the preseason.

Clark was by no means bad in the preseason but when you are an undrafted free agent you really have to impress if another team is going to take a chance on you without you ever being in the building. Clark did not light the world on fire, so other teams didn't take the chance.

This was almost the best-case scenario for the Chargers. Clark proved that there is real potential there and that he could make a difference. But he did not do too well where another team was going to come in and scoop him off the waiver wire.

The hope is that if faced with injuries, the Chargers take a chance on a young player like Clark and give him some NFL snaps rather than going back to Christian Covington, who rejoined the team on the practice squad.

With how the Chargers have handled roster decisions in 2023, it seems likely that the Bolts would prefer giving the younger, more talented player a chance, albeit if he is raw.