4 Chargers practice squad players with the best chance of earning a roster spot

These Chargers won't last on the practice squad for very long.
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2. Dean Marlowe

Dean Marlowe is another externally cut player that the Chargers brought into the practice squad. Typically, if a team is going out of its way to sign a player cut from another team instead of an internal option then that should say something.

The Chargers could have simply kept Mark Webb Jr. in the organization but instead, the team opted to sign Dean Marlowe and cut Webb loose. Los Angeles is obviously telling us that there is something there they like about Marlowe and that will give him a chance at some point in 2023.

There are also connections there that help Marlowe's case. Marlowe played under Brandon Staley at James Madison University. Staley has made it pretty clear in his tenure that existing connections are valuable and that will give Marlowe a rub.

Plus, Marlowe is proficient in what the Chargers would likely need: special teams snaps. Marlowe was not very good defensively last season but he has always been a solid special teams player throughout his career.

At the very least, that will earn him a backend roster spot the moment someone goes down as he will be able to fill in on Ryan Ficken's special teams and not miss a beat. If he has to play on defense, at least he is a veteran who understands Staley's defensive schemes.