3 positive (and 1 very concerning) takeaways from Chargers win over Bears

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers
Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Negative Chargers takeaway: The second-half offense sputtered again

One of the most frustrating things about Joe Lombardi's offense last season for the Chargers was the inability to adjust during the game. As a result, the offense would typically sputter in the second half, creating a months-long stretch of the season where the Chargers did not score in the third quarter.

Kellen Moore has done a much better job overall with the Chargers offense than Lombardi did a year ago. However, the second-half woes have still followed the Chargers and continued to follow the team in this game specifically.

The Chargers scored 24 points in the first half and it did not look like the team could do any wrong. Meanwhile, in the second half, the Chargers kicked just two field goals and one of them came because of a Chicago turnover in its own territory.

Granted, the Chargers took their foot off the gas and didn't want to show too much in a game that was already out of reach for Chicago but it has still become a trend for the Chargers. The fact that it is a trend is what is so concerning.

The Chargers were shut out in the second half against the Chiefs, 10 points in the second half against the Cowboys (only three in the third quarter), and no points in the second half against the Raiders before the bye week.