3 positions the Chargers should have added to instead of signing LB Tae Crowder

The Chargers shocked fans by signing a linebacker on Tuesday.
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Chargers should have signed a safety before a linebacker

Tight end and offensive tackle are much bigger needs for the Chargers depth-wise at this point in time than the safety position. In fact, there is a world in which the safety position does alright with Alohi Gilman returning to practice and JT Woods looking good in the preseason thus far.

There is one safety in particular that the Chargers should have signed: John Johnson. Johnson instead returned to the LA Rams as he was essentially guaranteed a starting spot, which was not going to happen with the Bolts.

While Johnson may not have made sense for that reason you can still make the case that the Bolts would benefit from adding one more veteran safety into the mix. Sure, the position looks great in the best-case scenario but what about the worst?

If Derwin James has to miss any time with injury and Woods has the same struggles as his rookie season then the outlook at the position is bleak. Mark Webb Jr. and Raheem Layne (a seventh-round pick and undrafted signing) are the only depth options outside the top three.

The fourth safety on a depth chart is never going to be amazing or else they would be a starting safety. But the Bolts can certainly do better than what they have.