Chargers poach another coach from the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars
Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

The LA Chargers quickly fired Joe Lombardi and Shane Day after the team blew a 27-0 lead against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Wild Card Round. It took some time but the Bolts eventually landed a home-run offensive coordinator hire in Kellen Moore.

Moore confirmed early on that he would keep the offensive staff intact. Thus, the Chargers only had to hire to replace Day's role as the QBs coach/passing game coordinator. On Tuesday, the Chargers made that hire.

Poaching one coach from the Dallas Cowboys was not enough as Moore is now bringing Doug Nussmeier along with him. Nussmeier has served as the QBs coach for Dallas since 2020 and will now serve in the same role with the Chargers.

Chargers QBs coach Doug Nussmeier has significant coaching experience.

The Chargers did not hire an upstart coach that is new in the league to potentially take over for Moore if he succeeds in 2023 and becomes a head coaching candidate. Instead, they hired someone with ample coaching experience both with Moore and without Moore.

Prior to becoming the QBs coach in 2020, Nussmeier spent two seasons as the tight ends coach for Dallas. The Cowboys brought him back to the NFL after almost a decade away, where he was coaching some of the best college programs in the country.

Nussmeier has coached for Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Washington, Michigan State and Fresno State. He also spent two years as the QBs coach of the then-St. Louis Rams. He started his coaching career with two years in the Canadian Football League.

Having that much experience may not seem like a good thing, especially with him bouncing between jobs in college. However, most of Nessmeier's job changes were the result of his head coach being hired and him not being retained, not him being fired and replaced as the offensive coordinator/QBs coach.

If all goes well for the Chargers in 2023, Nussmeier could be the team's offensive coordinator in 2024. Moore will be a favorite for a head-coaching position and the Chargers would likely elevate the QBs coach to keep the continuity on offense.

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If that is the plan then hiring someone who spent the last five seasons in Dallas makes a ton of sense. Nussmeier knows exactly the kind of offense that Kellen Moore is going to implement and will be able to take over the reins if needed after 2023.