2 reasons why the Chargers making the playoffs is still the most likely outcome

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
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1. The LA Chargers won't be as bad as they were against the Texans again

This certainly does not guarantee victory in the final two weeks of the season but the Chargers were dealing with a lot of COVID-19 issues in the Texans game. That is by no means an excuse for why they lost. The Texans were dealing with more COVID-19 issues and the Chargers should have still been able to get the job done. That being said, it does provide more hope for the upcoming weeks.

The Chargers were playing without Austin Ekeler, Joey Bosa, Corey Linsley, Mike Williams and Michael Davis because of COVID-19. Derwin James did not play because of his hamstring. That is not even counting all of the depth pieces that were lost.

The Chargers were playing without four of their best 6-7 players and still had to play without a big piece of the offense in Williams and a massive piece of the defense in Michael Davis. That is a big deal. Again, they still should have won, but what we saw on the field in Week 16 shouldn't be what we see in the next two weeks.

If the Chargers are a legitimate playoff team then they should be able to win the last two games of the season with most of their big-name players back. As sad as it is, most of the Chargers' most impactful players have already been put on the COVID-19 list, and because of a change of protocols, the Bolts should be getting back several other players who originally were ruled out for Week 17.

There is only one more super impactful player that could be put on the list that has not already been on the COVID-19 list. The new protocols make it easier for this player to return, and quite frankly, we do not even want to write his name out in this article as we do not want to jinx anything.