Predicting each remaining game for Chargers' AFC playoff competition

New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages
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New York Jets:

Week 13 at Minnesota Vikings: Loss

The Mike White experience looked great against the Chicago Bears. The Minnesota Vikings are not the Chicago Bears. While the Vikings also aren't as good as their record (like the Jets), they definitely are more talented than the Jets and should easily win this home game.

Week 14 at Buffalo Bills: Loss

The Jets shocked the Bills earlier this season behind the worst Josh Allen performance of the last three years. It seems extremely far-fetched that New York would beat Buffalo twice in a year, especially with this game being in Buffalo in December.

Week 15 vs Detroit Lions: Win

The Detroit Lions have been pretty exciting to watch, winning three games in a row and taking the Bills to their absolute limit on Thanksgiving. This will be a very entertaining, fun game but the Jets will pull away with the win to keep their playoff chances alive.

Week 16 vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Loss

If the Jets are the worst team with a good record then the Jaguars are the best team with a bad record. The problem with Jacksonville has been that they are so inconsistent and have made questionable decisions in games that have swung outcomes. Trevor Lawrence is starting to come into his own and with a bad quarterback in New York, the Jags will win as underdogs.

Week 17 at Seattle Seahawks: Win

This might be shocking with the Jets losing to the Jaguars. Especially in Seattle. But we can't go straight chalk on every prediction and at the end of the day, the most likely outcome is that they split the two games in Week 16 and Week 17. With a loss in Week 16, they win in Week 17 here. This would be better for the Chargers for tiebreaking reasons.

Week 18 at Miami Dolphins: Loss

The AFC East should be on the line in this game with the potential for bigger things at stake with the one seed. Against a motivated Dolphins team with something to play for, the Jets will simply be outgunned.

Final record prediction: 9-8 (5-7 in AFC)