Predicting each remaining game for Chargers' AFC playoff competition

New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages
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Cincinnati Bengals:

Week 13 vs Chiefs: Loss

The Kansas City Chiefs have two big things to play for in this game. First, they are still fighting off the Dolphins and Bills for the top seed in the AFC so they have to rack up as many wins as possible. Second, they are playing for revenge from last year's horrible AFC Championship implosion. Chiefs win with a statement.

Week 14 vs Browns: Win

Deshaun Watson will be back for this game, making it a much more interesting matchup (especially considering Cleveland already beat Cincy). However, that Cleveland defense is simply too bad and a fully healthy Bengals offense should be able to take advantage of that.

Week 15 at Buccaneers: Win

The Buccaneers simply aren't the same. Chargers fans will be rooting for Tom Brady in this game but if the Bengals are firing on all cylinders it is hard to see the Bucs keeping up. Even if it turns into a slog, I trust the Bengals' weapons to make a big play more.

Week 16 at Patriots: Win

This is a great game for the Chargers as someone has to lose. That someone is going to be the Patriots, who have feasted on bad quarterbacks but have been exposed against any good quarterback they have played this season.

Week 17 vs Bills: Loss

The Buffalo Bills are going to be playing for the top seed in the AFC and while the Bengals have looked better in recent weeks, they still are on a tier lower than the Bills and Chiefs. It'll be a super competitive game and will be the game of the week, but will be a Bills win.

Week 18 vs Ravens: Loss

At this point in the year I have the Bengals with a 10-6 record. With such an easy schedule, the Ravens should go 4-1 at worst in their next five, giving them an 11-5 record heading into this. At the time of writing this, the Bengals already have three division losses, so they won't have a chance of winning the division.

Baltimore might have an outside chance at the one seed in Week 18 and at the very least should have a chance to secure the second seed. With something to actually play for, and Cincy's playoff spot locked in, the Bengals rest their starters and the Ravens win.

Final record prediction: 10-7 (6-6 in AFC)