Chargers who should get playing time slashed after Week 4 win

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The LA Chargers emerged victoriously in Week 4 against the Houston Texans after providing a scare to Chargers fans by allowing Houston to crawl back into the game in the second half. There definitely are things to clean up after the game but a win is still a win nonetheless.

One of the things that the coaching staff needs to clean up is the personnel and snap-count decisions. We are now four weeks into the season and have enough of a sample size to declare which Chargers need to stop playing in favor of other Chargers getting looks.

If the Chargers are going to maximize their ceiling this season they have to put the right players in the right position to succeed. The team is never going to be able to do that if they are still giving playing time to those that shouldn't be getting it.

Here are 3 Chargers who should see their playing time slashed after Week 4:

1. Jason Moore

This is an interesting one and why we are going to start here. It is not like Jason Moore got a lot of playing time in this game after he was signed to the active roster this week. The Bolts signed Moore to fill in for Jalen Guyton, who tore his ACL.

Meanwhile, Michael Bandy was elevated from the practice squad and played more snaps and actually came down with two catches for 49 yards. He very obviously had a bigger impact than Moore, whose place on this roster does not really make any sense.

Special teams value could be the reason why Moore is on the team but it is not like he is a massive difference-maker in that regard. Plus, he only played five special teams snaps against the Texans.

At the end of the day, the Chargers eventually have to utilize someone who is better for the team in that depth receiver role. Whether it be Michael Bandy, recently-signed John Hightower or even a bigger-name free agent like Will Fuller. The solution cannot be Jason Moore.