3 Chargers who are playing for their 2024 jobs in Week 18

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Alex Erickson is playing for his Chargers job

A month ago this was not something that would have been on the Week 18 Chargers bingo card. Alex Erickson was brought in as a veteran depth receiver with no real expectations attached to his name. However, every single time Erickson has gotten a chance in this Chargers offense he has delivered.

He is by no means a great wide receiver and isn't someone who the Chargers should have be a top-3 receiver on the depth chart. But with Jalen Guyton's contract expiring, Erickson might be a better shout to re-sign to join next year's WR corps that will likely include another rookie draft pick.

In last week's game where Quentin Johnston was the WR1 because of injuries, Erickson was the one who stood out. Erickson led the Chargers in receptions and receiving yards, finishing the day with seven catches for 98 yards. The special teams veteran has been targeted 24 times this season and has 14 catches for 203 yards with one touchdown.

There is nothing wrong with having Erickson be the WR6 on the depth chart, especially when he is proving that he can step in and make a difference when his number is called. With value on special teams as well, Erickson might be a better option than a late-round rookie or another random veteran.

If Erickson has another good game in Week 18 against the Chiefs then his spot as the WR6 on next year's team might be cemented. If he does absolutely nothing then the new regime may just overlook him over the spring.

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