3 Chargers players to watch in the first preseason game vs Rams

The game may not count, and some starters may not play, but there are still some players to pay close attention to.
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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Chargers fans should watch Ja'Sir Taylor

There was a controversial cornerback battle at the start of Chargers training camp that stole headlines. With J.C. Jackson returning much sooner than expected from injury, it looked like Asante Samuel Jr. was going to be the odd man out and not be starting on defense.

This seemed impossible with Samuel getting better in his sophomore season and having an excellent game in the NFL Playoffs. However, with Michael Davis and Jackson, it was hard to find a spot for him outside. That then created a position battle between him and Ja'Sir Taylor at slot corner that Taylor seemingly had the lead in.

Samuel has struggled against the run and Taylor is productive in that department, which is important for a slot cornerback. That was the logic behind Taylor being in the lead to start. However, since camp has started, Samuel has been the most productive player on defense and has made it impossible to not start him.

Taylor is still going to play a role in the defense, even if it is in a more rotational capacity. Regardless, the sophomore cornerback should be playing in the preseason and it will be huge to see what kind of leaps he has made into his second season.

Other young corners, such as Deane Leonard, will also get a chance and it is important to watch them as well. However, Taylor is going to play a more prominent role and thus his performance is more important to the team in 2023.