3 Chargers players to watch in the first preseason game vs Rams

The game may not count, and some starters may not play, but there are still some players to pay close attention to.
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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Chargers fans should watch Isaiah Spiller

Austin Ekeler is undoubtedly the RB1 on the Chargers depth chart with Joshua Kelley and Isaiah Spiller competing for the RB2 job. Despite having one of the best running backs in the sport, the depth at the position has lacked in recent years so it is important for these two backs to elevate each other.

Kelley is the favorite right now to be the RB2 simply because he has been in the league longer than Spiller and played pretty well last season. That being said, there was a lot of excitement around the Spiller selection last season as the Chargers may have even bigger plans in store for the former Texas A&M back.

Kelley does not need to play in the preseason as he has already proven his worth and he is going to make the roster no matter what. That essentially makes Spiller the RB1 during the preseason as he should be getting the first snaps with the undrafted free agents (and Larry Rountree) then battling it out behind him.

Spiller has a lot to prove in the preseason if he is going to be a reliable contributor on the offensive side of the ball. He simply was not NFL ready last season and he has to prove that he is going to be able to take that jump and look like an NFL back.

Don't expect Spiller to play the entire game but the Chargers should be giving him plenty of chances when he is on the field.