2 players the LA Chargers could potentially trade for a late-round pick

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Jerry Tillery
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1. Jerry Tillery

Jerry Tillery is entering the last year of his rookie contract after the LA Chargers decided that the team does not want to pick up his fifth-year option. Add in the fact that the Bolts completely bolstered the defensive line and it is clear what they think about Tillery moving forward.

In a vacuum, Tillery can seemingly still produce for the Chargers as a rotational interior pass-rusher. He should not be used in running downs but he can still add value in getting to the quarterback. However, the team also brought in someone who is essentially a better version of Tillery in Morgan Fox.

With the addition of Fox, you could make the case that the Chargers have the room to trade Tillery if there is a team that needs a pass-rushing presence to take a gamble on. He would probably net a pick in next year's draft, but the absolute highest would be a sixth-round pick from a contending team. It would most likely be a seventh-round pick.

Of course, this all depends on if any teams are actually making calls for Tillery. This is a case where the Chargers are probably open to a potential deal knowing that he is likely going to walk anyway after this season and they can replace him sufficiently.

If not, it will be interesting to see what kind of workload Tillery gets this upcoming season. After playing a lot of snaps last year, Tillery might see a big dip in his playing time in 2022.