2 players the LA Chargers could potentially trade for a late-round pick

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NFL trades in the month of July are extremely rare. While the NFL enjoys its one lull on the calendar, the NBA and MLB take center stage with the trades that happen in the offseason and at the trade deadline. That being said, NFL teams do not simply stop working, including the LA Chargers.

The Bolts have not made any roster moves in July but there are moves to make before training camp begins. The Chicago Bears and New England Patriots reminded us of that this week when the Patriots traded wide receiver K'Neal Harry to Chicago for a 2024 seventh-round draft pick.

With the Chargers already having one of the best rosters in the sport, the team likely isn't going to make any trades for talent before camp. However, with so much talent on a pretty packed roster, there might not be room for some players in the grand scheme of it all.

There are two Chargers, in particular, that might be able to net a late-round draft pick in return.

With how rare NFL trades are, the chances of the Bolts trading either of these players is pretty slim. This is not the NBA we are talking about. That being said, there are two players on the roster that could actually get something of value in return while also being movable by the Chargers.

While late-round draft picks are not the most exciting thing in the world, with limited cap resources next summer, adding picks by trading away a player that might not be part of the game plan would be the best-case scenario for the Chargers.

Let's dive into the two potential players that could net a late-round draft pick in a trade if the Bolts decided to peruse the trade market.