4 players the Chargers could trade after falling to 2-4

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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Austin Johnson

Any team looking to add interior defensive line help might want to give the Chargers a call. There are multiple players that the Chargers could theoretically trade but Austin Johnson makes the most sense for multiple reasons.

For acquiring teams, Johnson would be an incredibly cheap asset to obtain. The price for Johnson would likely be a seventh-round pick in the future, not even in the 2024 NFL Draft. It is hard to see Johnson going for anything more than Dustin Hopkins went for before the season.

Additionally, even if the Chargers were fine record-wise they might have a reason to trade him. While the run defense has been good and he has played a role in that, the team also has a young player in Scott Matlock to develop. With Otito Ogbonnia potentially coming back soon as well, there is going to be more options for playing time at the defensive tackle position.

Johnson's cap hit would be bigger than Mack or Ekeler, as the acquiring team would take on around a $4.125 million cap hit. But again, the Chargers could manipulate that number to get it even lower to entice teams.

Johnson may not be an elite trade target for anyone, but he could be a valuable member of a defensive line group that needs more depth.