4 players the Chargers could trade after falling to 2-4

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The LA Chargers were unable to win what was essentially a must-win game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7 and have fallen to 2-4 on the season as a result. While there have been teams in the past that have dug out of a 2-4 hole to make the playoffs, with the way the Chargers have played it does not seem likely.

After losing two games in six days to the Dallas Cowboys and Chiefs, many fans have transitioned from wanting the Chargers to trade for talent at the deadline to wanting the Chargers to trade away talent at the deadline.

Trades in the NFL are not as common as other sports but the Chargers could still float several players out on the market to try and recoup as many assets as possible.

4 players the Chargers could trade after falling to 2-4

Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is the least likely player to be traded on this list but that does not mean it is impossible. Whereas someone like Joey Bosa won't be traded because of his large contract, Mack is easier for a team to talk itself into because he only has one more year under contract.

Plus, Mack's cap hit for his new team would be virtually nothing. The new team would only have to take on the remaining game checks on Mack's deal. After Week 7, that would give the team a total cap hit of just over $700,000, per Over The Cap. However, the new team would be responsible for his large cap hit next season.

A team with cap space next season might talk itself into Mack, especially after his six-sack game against the Las Vegas Raiders. In the worst-case scenario, Mack could become a cap casualty for a team going all-in this season.

The Chargers are not going to get nearly what they paid for Mack since his cap hit is so large next season. It would likely be in the range of a fourth to fifth-round pick.