3 Chargers players who could be replaced by incoming trade targets

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
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3. WR Simi Fehoko

The Chargers signed Simi Fehoko off of the Houston Texans' practice squad after Mike Williams suffered an ACL injury in Week 3. Fehoko did not factor at all into the Chargers' win over the Las Vegas Raiders and his tenure with the team may not last that long.

That being said, the Chargers signing him did at least say something about Jalen Guyton, who is yet to practice for the team ahead of Week 6. Many Chargers fans penciled Guyton in to return in Week 6 but that does not seem to be the case. If the Chargers were confident in Guyton returning, they could have just elevated one receiver from the practice squad in Week 4, knowing that Guyton would return.

Instead, his timeline is up in the air and this receiver room is one more injury away from being disastrous. While it looked way better than last year's receiver room on paper before the season, not having Williams for the entire year is a huge hit.

Some fans are fine with the WR room and want the team to focus on developing Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis. While that belief is fair, it is also important to remember that Telesco and Staley could be vying for their jobs this season, so they may not have the luxury of having a long-term mindset if it costs the team this season.

Plus, that is very risky business for the Chargers. The team would be relying on two rookies (one of which has failed to live up to expectations thus far) and a guy coming off a torn ACL (Guyton) to be the only WR3 options. When your WR1 is over 30 and just missed prominent time last season you have to be proactive, not reactive and add depth when you can.

Fehoko is last on the depth chart and would naturally get the boot first. However, it would be interesting to see how the Chargers handle the WR room if/when Guyton comes back. Would the team finally commit to six WRs like most teams? That should be the path with Williams out for the year.