3 Chargers players who could be replaced by incoming trade targets

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
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2. RB Isaiah Spiler/Elijah Dotson

The Chargers need running back help, simply put. Austin Ekeler returning in Week 6 against the Dallas Cowboys will provide a huge boost but it does not change the fact that the running back room is extremely thin.

This was a problem last season and fans saw it backfire on the team when it mattered most. When Ekeler was not able to pick up yards the Chargers had to abandon the run game entirely. Just look at the AFC Wild Card Game, where the Chargers hardly even tried to run the ball because the results were so bad.

Granted, Joshua Kelley becomes a lot better when he is the RB2 instead of the RB1 but the team could still use another back in the room that adds something. As it is right now, Isaiah Spiller and Elijah Dotson aren't doing much of anything for the Bolts.

Someone like Samaje Perine in Denver could be great for the Chargers. He is hardly being used by the Broncos, who are about to start a selling spree. Perine is great as a pass-catching option and in pass pro. He is good at the things that Kelley is bad at and would provide a new dynamic to the running back room.

The team would then have to decide which running back to waive. While he had a great preseason, Dotson is probably the safer choice as he has a better chance of being re-signed to the practice squad. But then again, the Chargers have seemingly favored Dotson over Spiller this season, so we could see another recent draft pick on the practice squad.