3 players the Chargers should consider signing amid defensive line horror

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2. Isaac Rochell

Isaac Rochell might not be as excited of a name as Ndamukong Suh but he certainly is a far more realistic option for Chargers fans to expect. Rochell was recently waived by the Cleveland Browns and while he might not have seemed like a fit before, he certainly does now after the Chargers' injuries.

Tom Telesco has been known for two things in recent years during his tenure with the Chargers. First, he is not someone who likes adding players who can be an off-field distraction in any way, which could keep the team from pursuing Suh. Second. he is known to bring back former Chargers when an opportunity presents itself.

Telesco just did the same exact thing with Jeremiah Attachou after Chris Rumph suffered his injury. Now, with the interior offensive line banged up, it might be time to call on a former Charger in Rochell. Rochell last played for the Bolts in 2020.

Rochell's NFL career has been pretty forgettable for the most part but he did put together a pretty decent season despite his limited snap count in 2018. Rochell finished the 2018 season with five sacks and six tackles for loss as a rotational defensive tackle.

Rochell is not a nose tackle as he instead fits in perfectly as a 3-4 defensive end that can line up between Sebastian Joseph-Day and Khalil Mack. He is not going to be miles better than the options that the Chargers already have but he is a familiar face that would at least add depth to the roster.