3 Chargers players in danger of losing their job after 2023 NFL Draft

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Chargers in danger after 2023 NFL Draft: 3. Easton Stick

Those that follow us over on Twitter know that we were not thrilled with the Max Duggan pick in the seventh round. It has nothing to do with Duggan himself, it has to do with the fact that drafting him instead of signing him as an UDFA signals that the team might be intent on running three QBs on the roster again.

This might not seem like a big deal to some fans and some other NFL teams have the means to pull this off. Not the Chargers. Having a third quarterback on the roster only to make a healthy scratch on gamedays does leave another area of the roster thin. Last year it was receiver, as the team only had five receivers instead of the traditional six.

It might not seem like a big deal but every roster spot matters and the Chargers would essentially be wasting one with a third quarterback. Sure, you could argue that having three QBs is good insurance, but by the time you get down to QB3 does it really matter? Is Easton Stick really better than anyone the Chargers can just go out and sign in case of emergency?

For that reason, it is optimistic thinking to think that Duggan might take Stick's job as the backup quarterback. In a perfect world, Duggan would not only be the backup but would be the only other QB on the 53-man roster.

If Stick wins the backup quarterback job and Duggan does not even make the 53-man roster it would be an incredible waste. Sure, it is just a seventh-round pick but that does not mean the Chargers should just throw it away.