5 Chargers who just played their last game with the franchise

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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4. Bryce Callahan

Bryce Callahan has been really, really good for the LA Chargers. The Bolts signed Callahan after the 2023 NFL Draft to be the team's starting slot corner and he played far better than most fans expected. Callahan was coming off of a down year with the Broncos in which injuries hurt his play. He showed what a healthy version of him could do.

So why is his tenure with the Chargers coming to an end? This is a classic case of the Chargers getting a good value on a veteran player, raising their value, and then watching them sign with another team. Callahan will almost certainly go for more than he did this season and the Bolts should not pay that price.

Time and time again we see veteran cornerbacks fall off a cliff without warning. Callahan is going to turn 32 in October. It it bad team building to commit a fair amount of money to a cornerback that is going to be 32, regardless of how they played the year before. Remember Chris Harris?

Let another team learn that lesson with Callahan. Instead, the Chargers could look to get more out of Ja'Sir Taylor in his sophomore season. Los Angeles could also try and find the next Callahan by signing a cheap, veteran corner with connections to the new head coach.

Callahan signed with the Chargers because of his connections to Staley and the Vic Fangio defense. He will likely part ways, and maybe will join Staley on his next team.