3 players the LA Chargers held on to for too long

The Chargers should have cut ties with these players sooner than they did

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Gary Garrison

When looking at the list of the best receivers to ever play for the Chargers you won't get very far until you see Gary Garrison's name. Garrison had one of the longest tenures of any receiver for the Bolts and has several really great years for the team.

That being said, those great years are ultimately what kept him around on the Chargers longer than he should have been. The Chargers were essentially paying Garrison for past production as once his prime was over it was really over.

Garrison was a Pro Bowler in 1968, 1970, 1971 and 1972. The 1972 season would end up being Garrison's last really good season as things started to go sideways as he entered his age-29 season. and beyond.

Garrison played just seven games the following year, starting four. He would play two full seasons the following year with the 1974 season actually being quite solid. However, his numbers then tanked the following year as he averaged just 31.3 receiving yards per game and scored only two touchdowns.

That was seemingly the perfect sign to cut ties with Garrison but the Chargers didn't. He was brought back for the 1976 season and his injury concerns returned as a shoulder injury held him to only two games played.

After making three consecutive Pro Bowls, Garrison finished with 1,573 yards (393.25 average) in his last four seasons combined with the team.