2 players the Chargers should cut for cap space (and 4 they won't)

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The Chargers won't cut Michael Davis

Before the season — heck, halfway through the season — Michael Davis looked like a lock to be cut by the LA Chargers this offseason. Davis took a big step back in Brandon Staley's first year as head coach and was obviously not a fit in this defense.

Davis fell all the way to CB4 on the depth chart with there being talks of the Chargers still drafting a cornerback in the first round because they were so low on him. The Chargers can free up $7.4 million in cap space with only $2 million in dead cap money if they cut him, which is why it was such a no-brainer.

However, Davis played so well in 2022 that it is impossible to justify cutting him this offseason. If Davis would have just been average the Chargers could have still talked themselves into it but he was the best member of the entire secondary in the second half of the season. The team cannot let that go.

Davis is a candidate to potentially get some kind of extension that stretches out hit cap hit in order to save some money this year but he definitely is not someone who is going to get cut in favor of cap space.

And that is solely because of how well he played for the Chargers after the bye week. If J.C. Jackson can return and play well, the Chargers are going to have a truly lethal trio at cornerback next season and Davis is a key part of it.