2 players the Chargers should cut for cap space (and 4 they won't)

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The Chargers won't cut Keenan Allen

Tom Telesco essentially said that the LA Chargers are not going to cut Keenan Allen this offseason yet it is still a popular topic among the fanbase. Some think Telesco is throwing a smoke screen or was simply not being genuine with his answer.

Cutting Keenan Allen would free up $14.8 million in cap space, which is the second-most among any potential cut candidate this offseason. With Allen being hurt most of 2022 and being over 30 years old, I understand why some fans are okay with the move.

That being said, you don't make your offense worse when you have a young quarterback like Justin Herbert. That is especially true when Allen is Herbert's favorite target and Herbert looks much more comfortable when Allen is on the field.

If a team offered a first-round pick for Allen like the Hollywood Brown trade from last year then maybe the Chargers consider saying yes and using that pick to draft a wide receiver. That is the only possible way that Allen will not be on the team in 2023 and even that feels like a stretch.

Allen's contract is a prime candidate to be restructured, but he certainly is not someone who is going to be cut this offseason.