3 Chargers who must play more in Week 2 vs Titans (and who they should replace)

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. Quentin Johnston (over an assortment of Chargers)

There is not a specific Chargers player who should lose an ample number of snaps to make room for Quentin Johnston in Week 2. Instead, it should be an overall schematic adjustment that gets Johnston on the field more for this particular matchup.

Some fans may say that Johnston should take snaps from Joshua Palmer and that sentiment is understandable. After all, the Chargers did just use a first-round pick on Johnston and Palmer did not necessarily light it up as the WR3 in Week 1.

But that is not the move. The best-case scenario for Johnston has always been to ease him into a bigger role with the offense and capitalize on his skill set when the time is right. Palmer is the better all-around receiver right now and the Chargers shouldn't hamper Johnston's development just because he is a first-round pick.

All that being said, the Chargers do need to adjust the game plan against this Tennessee defense. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was obviously trying to take advantage of what the Dolphins were giving him in the run game. That is not going to be as easy to do against the Titans.

Tennessee has one of the best, if not the best, run defenses in the sport. The area of the defense to target is the secondary, which should get the receivers on the field more as a result. The Titans also have a great pass rush so the Chargers really might need to lean on Johnston's athleticism to make catches on quick-breaking routes that don't take much time to develop.

The Chargers could also get creative to try and get the run game going against this Titans team. Fans saw some of the creativity on display already in Week 1, so don't be surprised if the Chargers try some quick screens or an end-around to Johnston in a key spot.